Greetings! My name is Aaliyah and I welcome you into my realm! Bit by bit I have built my little empire on the foundation of my ideas, reviews, thoughts and a whole lot of love. And that is exactly what this place is all about! Love towards art, music, and above all GAMES.

Twas long ago I played my first game – Super Mario (don’t laugh). And I loved the thrill and excitement every time that princess was saved (you can laugh now). I moved on to more complex ones like Final Fantasy, Crash The Bandicoot, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Quake…well you get the point. 

Game after game, I started noticing that music and art played a crucial part in this whole experience. Although mechanics and the story have a significant role too, there is something about the music that just brings the game to life. The melody will be stuck inside your head for days if it’s a worthy companion to the plot. And I thought it’s something worth exploring. So that is how I set myself on another quest, to share all my observations and thoughts with you.

Wander freely through every corner of my realm, full of witty articles and shrewd reviews!