Can You Really Make Money Playing Games?

To say that many people like having fun in their free time is an understatement. Sports fans turn to sports betting with Бонус Код bet365, and avid gamers, well, they turn to playing games. Getting paid for playing video games, is probably a dream come true for any gamer. Although it may sound ideal, people who make money playing games put in a lot of work, which includes tasks that are completely not related to playing games. So, unless you are playing online poker games that include real money, or leveling accounts or characters for games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and similar, you will rarely make any money by solely playing games. 

Let us delve into this topic a bit deeper, and see what some of the most viable options out there are. We will also go over the additional requirements for those jobs and see if such a career path is worth pursuing. 

Writing Game Reviews

Writing game reviews is actually a decent career choice. You get to play video games and you also get to express your own opinion. In fact, you can even go a step further and make a YouTube channel, where your reviews can be published as an even more engaging piece of content. 

Those reviewers who really become popular among gamers and who are working on their own, often get funded by video game producers to review their game. Alternatively, you can work for another company that does game reviews as a ghostwriter, which can also be a decently paid job, depending on where you live. 

There are some downsides to this as well, as you are often competing with other reviewers out there. This means you will have to write your review as soon as possible, and if you do not have early access to some of the most anticipated games, completing a game at a rapid pace can be exhausting. Since the games can have up to 40 hours of gameplay, you will have to both complete the game and write your review within 48 hours, so prepare to chug lots of energy drinks to stay awake.     


Streaming has the potential to be an extremely lucrative hobby, but at the same time, it can do a lot of work with little to no pay off. It will also take some investment in order to buy decent streaming equipment. I would wager that you have better chances of making it as a streamer if you started as a reviewer with a YouTube channel. Streamer with a somewhat sumptuous audience, are more likely to be off to a start.  Especially, if another popular streamer features you in their streaming session.  

It is important to note that you will also have to continue with your YouTube channel, but the job will be a lot easier as your streaming sessions are recorded and can be uploaded into multiple videos.  

This is a great synergy between these two careers, and with frequent interaction with your audience, you will know what to focus on. Meaning, you will ask your viewers what kind of content they like and focus on making those videos at the same time. Once you reach a high number of subscribers, you won’t have to focus heavily on reviews to generate revenue.

Video Game Testing

Although this is a job that can earn you money, chances are you won’t like it. First of all, the payment is not particularly good, and you are rarely paid to test alpha or beta version of the game. Alpha and beta testing are now called early access and people actually pay for it. As for real testing, it is mostly playing one section of the game over and over again until you get sick of it. It will only result in negative emotions for something you love.