3 Reasons to Start Playing PUBG

Playerunkown’s BattleGrounds is battle royale last man standing game that in a way paved the road for Apex Legends and Fortnite. Now even though I stated how I like both Apex and Fortnite, and how these games probably have an edge over PUBG, because they are free and have different dynamic, I still play PUBG. The reason why I do it is simple. It is not the same as those two games, and it has its own charm and unique feel to it. It really brings me joy – just like playing any other old game does (at least in my case) and just like, I’m guessing, promotions like Moon Bingo Promo Code bring joy to people who love playing such games.

However, when it comes to PUBH, PUBG is not necessarily trying to compete with these titles. Its goal is to stick to its original design and its core audience and deliver enhanced content based on that gameplay experience, rather than introduce more wacky elements just to resemble its competitors. Here I will go over some of the top reasons why battle royale fans should play PUBG.  

Different Type of Immersion  

Unlike Fortnite and Apex, this game has a more realistic feel to it. The game is more dark and gritty, and it’s not just graphic design, the gameplay is different as well. PUBG gives players more chances to take a subtle approach to the battle, as there are more nooks and crannies where you can hide and take someone out with a sniper rifle. 

The same goes for you, as you can easily be taken out by a patient sniper player. Since this is the case, you approach with greater cautions and there is more tension when you wish to switch your location. Sure, there are long-range kills an Apex as well, but your teammates can review you easier than in PUBG, so the stakes are not as high.    

Bigger Maps

Another aspect that sets PUBG apart from top competitors is the number of maps and their sizes. With more areas to explore and hide the game is more interesting and it increases the chance of survivability. There are more places where you can find useful items, and at the same time more locations you need to monitor. The enemy will likely rush to supply crate spot, so you can assume where they can be during the early game. 

With a wider map selection, each game will feel new, and if you start from different drop zones even on the same map, it can drastically change the gameplay experience. This in a way increases the longevity of the game, and it will take some time before you get bored. Moreover, new maps are added regularly, so the dev team makes efforts to freshen up the game.   

Different Ways to Win

Going guns blazing is the fastest way to lose in any battle royale, so good players tend to be more covert when playing. This is especially true for PUBG, as the last thing you want to do, regardless of how much quality gear you have gathered is shoot. The goal is to survive in a battlefield teeming with enemies, so even if you see someone completely oblivious to your position, you need to think twice before shooting. Once you open fire you will also give away your position, and if someone can take you out with a simple toss of grenade they will do so. 

In other words, be aware of your surroundings, and make sure that nobody knows where you are. The same principle applies to the very start of the game when you choose where you want to land. It is easy to be tempted by more prominent zones that harbor better gear, but those are high-risk zones as more players are likely to land there. So you need to make a balanced choice that takes risk and gear quality into an account.