Top Underrated Games You Have Never Heard Off

Have you ever thought about how there are so many games like Roulette strategy simulator out there you never heard of and they might rock your world? Well, luckily, we are here to make your life a few great games richer! Take a look at this list of games with amazing arts that are quite underrated and overlooked.

Blaster Master Zero

Everyone who loves playing video games and grew up during the 80s know how great of a success Blaster Master was. This kind of retro-styled Nintendo Switch game definitely has the potential. It seems like one of those games you could play over and over again in your free time. Developed and published by Inti Creates, Blaster Master Zero looks just like a real Blaster Master sequel should.

Knights and Bikes

Starting from the name, this game definitely sounds funny and interesting. It is all that you might think it is. After all, it is an action/adventure game where knights are riding bikes and fighting their enemies. This very special and underrated game is developed by Rex Crowle. 

Moreover, the most special thing about this game is the artsy design which will remind you of coloring books and early childhood drawings. Everything in this game is related to childhood imaginary troubles and fun times, which are actually masking some real-world problems.


If you like obscure horror games with a zest of artistic design you will love the Observer. It provides a completely new feel to the horror games. You will be playing as the main character, a detective who likes to enter the minds of his clients. This way, the detective or you, will go through people’s dark thoughts. 

In addition, there are a lot of confusing elements included in this game. You can expect to see some things disappearing, distortion effects, and sudden change in the course of the events, etc. It is definitely a game worth playing.

Snake Pass

Remember the design of Donkey Kong 64 or Banjo-Kazooie? Well, Snake pass has a lot of similarities in terms of design compared with these two. If you like that art style with popping colors you will love this one. You will be navigating the main character, obviously, a snake named Noodle around the obstacles. 

Plus, you can expect a lot of puzzling quests and challenges. With this game, it is all about physics and movement coordination. You will have to think logically and lead Noodle through all the challenges keep in the back of your mind all the basic rules of physics. Seb Liese is the one standing behind the creation of Snake Pass.


Another great game that is underrated. With cyberpunk art styled design with a dose of anime style, this action shooter is something worth trying. What’s more, the design has interesting futuristic-looking elements with neon colors combined with metal. Also, the Ruiner’s music is partially composed by Susumu Hirasawa. 

It was developed by Reikon, a Polish studio full of famous names in the gaming industry. Furthermore, in this point and click action game your goal is to take down your enemies using a range of weapons. If you like combat rich games with stellar design, this is just the game for you.