5 Online Games with Captivating Graphics

Every time we think about the game we want to play next, the first thing that pops into our mind is the overall design of the game, even when using Bet9ja bonus code. Only by seeing the mesmerizing graphics from the trailer, most of us decide that the game is worth a try. Over the years game design has evolved from pixelated graphics and simple mechanics to realistic environments and complex characters. 

Once upon a time, the player was limited to playing by himself in front of a display. For example, the only time you could play “against” or “with” someone, is if you played against the system or versus the player who was connected via the controller to the same device as you. Nowadays, things are quite different. The Internet has made way to the new generation of games that revolutionized the industry entirely. 

Servers can now host thousands and thousands of players who want to join an online game at the same time. Also, the new technology has enabled the graphics to improve to an almost realistic level. 

Although there are numerous beautiful games out there, in this article I will only mention a few online games which I consider have the most appealing graphic design.


Unlike the usual realistic and more serious visual approach of the modern games, Fortnite has opted for something completely different. In this game, you will get to experience bright colors and graphics that are more cartoonish. The world inside Fortnite is smaller compared to the ones in other games (in PUBG there are two maps, while Fortnite has only one), so that means more details in general. Moreover, with this kind of light graphics, the whole experience is less stressful than the one with more serious graphics.

League of Legends

One of the main characteristics of League of Legends’ (or LoL) graphics are the vivid colors and beautiful artwork that make the characters and environment stand out. While some characters are designed to resemble mythological creatures others are just funny. Another benefit of this amazing graphic is that you can enjoy the stunning visuals on any modern set-up. 

Destiny 2

The best-looking shooter game ever. Need I say more. There are those who would certainly disagree and say that something like Battlefield 2 is better, but that will not change the fact that Destiny 2 is simply mesmerizing! It may be more cartoonish than the art from Battlefield 1, but Destiny 2 offers unique graphic that cannot be set aside. The amount of details of the environment (lightning, materials, ground, etc.) is out-of-this-world amazing. Furthermore, you can enjoy all the wonders of this awesome graphics on a pretty standard set-up. The performance is top-shelf and the game will run smoothly.


One of the greatest homages to the 8-bit era, Minecraft has gained most of its popularity due to its unique aesthetic. Comparing this game to masterpieces of graphic design like Destiny 2 or Fortnite might make it look like child play. But there is something about using the simplest tools to create the best works of art. And that was exactly what Minecraft did.   

Titanfall 2

Visually Titanfall 2 looks fantastic on every platform (PS4, PC, Xbox One) and that is one of the reasons it ended up on my list. Also, both in single and multiplayer the graphics design offers a spectacle of visual wonders. Levels and maps vary from one another, and each is as beautiful and unique as the next one.