Top 5 Video Game Music Composers

The importance of video game music composers is oftentimes overlooked. Unlike its siblings, film music and TV show music, both being more acknowledged each day, video game music is given far less credit. The funny thing is that every time we think back on a video game we loved playing, one of the first things that pop into our mind is the melody that made the whole experience more intense.

Same as the epic music that they have created for some of the greatest titles in the industry, the people behind it have remained unknown to the general audience. Whereas the name Hans Zimmer can be recognized worldwide, there are but a few among us who could name the authors of the music from their favorite video games. Here we will cover some of the biggest composers of the video game industry, and get to know in which games they left their mark.

Michael Giacchino – Medal of Honor

Although his work could be traced to television and film, one of the greatest accomplishments of Michael Giacchino is his work on Medal of Honor series. He was one of the first people to introduce fully-orchestral music in a shooting game. He stayed with the Medal of Honor series until the very end. Some of his most famous compositions are Manor House Rally and The Mercenaries Theme.

Harry Gregson-Williams – Metal Gear Solid

Although he only worked on a couple of other titles outside of Metal Gear Solid (like Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty 4), the significance of his work should not be overlooked in any way. 

Gregson-Williams was not the lead composer on Metal Gear Solid from the beginning. Tappi Iwase was the man behind the main theme of the first installment. Gregson-Williams joined on the second one and continued providing the players with quality scores. 

David Bergeaud – Ratchet & Clank

Even though his compositions can be heard across all mediums, when it comes to video games Bergeud has mainly worked with Insomniac Games, on their project Ratchet & Clank. One of his signature marks, and also a huge reason why Ratchet & Clank was so appealing, is that each level had a different, catchy tune. The tune would always be in accordance with the level it represents.

Michael Salvatori & Martin O’Donnell – Halo & Destiny

Salvatori and O’Donnell were one of the first people responsible for the completely innovative approach to shooter game music. In a genre that predominantly used synthesized and computerized music, they introduced themes featuring a full orchestra and choir. Other than orchestral scoring, the duo was also behind dynamic scoring. The mood of the music began responding to the in-game events, intensifying the player’s experience like never before.  

Mick Gordon – Doom

Mick Gordon, both a musician and a composer, has worked on several world-known titles, before exploding to full fame with his installment of Doom. Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood are just some of the titles that this composer contributed to. After the release of Doom, his true potential came to light and left the people wanting for more.