Most Famous Video Game Artists In The Industry

Video game industry has been around for some time. Although one of the youngest forms of entertainment, this type of media has already proven to be one of the most important game-changes in the course of history. Nowadays, gaming has become a normal part of our everyday lives – people are forming communities around each game that is released and organizing tournaments. 

But once upon a time, that was not the case. Almost two decades ago, a handful of passionate artists invested all of their time and energy to make video games and set them on a path that led them here. These people are already legends, and with the use of their genius and craft, they have drawn some of the most beloved games ever!

John Sweeney

One of Sweeney’s most important work is on Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece, The Last of Us. From the very first scene, the player is mesmerized by unbelievable graphics and immersed into a thrilling story that will keep anyone on their toes until the very end. Sweeney’s art majorly contributed to Last of Us becoming one of the most remarkable games of all time.

The same feeling of an incredibly detailed environment can be seen in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sweeny contribution to this project is unquestionable. We can only wait and see what the future will bring for this talented artist. 

Sam “Samwise” Didier

Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for the creation of three biggest names in the video game industry – Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo. Didier’s role in these three projects is invaluable. He’s most famous work is undoubtedly the one on WoW, but his craft has shaped the sci-fi world of Starcraft and the ominous world of Diablo.

As the industry moved forward to better graphics, as well as more complex characters and detailed environments, so has the art of every Blizzard’s new release. 

Akira Toriyama

Before his contribution to the world of video games, Akira Toriyama has already established himself as a renowned artist in the legendary manga Dragon Ball. One of his first attempts in the video game industry was the work on the character design for the Dragon Quest series, as well as environmental design for Chrono Trigger.

Toriyama transferred his manga style on the video games, which worked wonders on these classic RPGs. Another thing that he will be remembered by is a then-innovative ending to the Chrono Trigger series, which featured the characters from other video games.

Yoji Shinkawa

The extreme talent of this young artist has granted him to “level up” in the ranks of Konami, rising to the position of the character and environment design of Metal Gear series. Shinkawa was also the art director for Metal Gear Solid.

His art brings together the Eastern and Western style, resulting as a uniquely beautiful mixture of anime and contemporary art. 

Working alongside the legend that is Hideo Kojima on their next project Death Stranding, Shinkawa’s art promises a lot of new and eye-appealing releases in the future. 

Yoshitaka Amano

One of the most influential games for the first generation of gamers (and many others that came after) is Final Fantasy. And the man behind most of its art is Yoshitaka Amano. His work includes mesmerizing character design for the first 10 installments of the game and graphic design for the first 6. There are a few artists who have worked on so many titles as Amano!