My Favorite Popular Mobile Games

I know that a lot of hardcore gamers, don’t consider playing mobile games and using Genting Casino Promo Code 2020 as “gaming”.  Personally, however, I think that anyone who does not own a PSP, Nintendo 3DS or Switch, etc. playing on mobile is the next best thing, as it gets pretty close to the portable console. Sure we cannot expect the same gameplay experience as on a portable console, but there are games out there that are pretty well designed for a touch screen device, and they are fun to play. 

As I do not like to miss out on fun gaming experience, my phone is filled with different games, and I keep adding new ones and deleting the ones I don’t like. Here are some of my favorites that I can’t help but enjoy.       


I consider Hearthstone to be a perfect game for smartphones and tablets, mainly because you can play with players who are also playing from their PC. Whenever there is a first-person shooter game, a MOBA or MMORPG, it is never a cross-platform, because PC players definitely have the edge, but with a card game like hearthstone that is not the case. 

More importantly, I generally love card games and have been a Magic the Gathering fan for a long time. I also played the original World of Warcraft card game and actually loved it, so when HS was released, I immediately started playing and only occasionally made a break for a few months. When it was released on mobile, I never stopped playing as it is way more convenient. 

Fruit Ninja

Fruit ninja is a perfect example of a game specifically designed for a touch screen device, and I got addicted to it ever since its release. Although I do not play it as frequently as before, I still find a perfect game if you need to kill 15-20 minutes. 

Candy Crush Saga

The only bad thing I can say about this game is that I am scared of what it does to me, and almost all of my friends agree. The game is as addictive as sugar itself. If you have not realized your powerlessness to resist it or to resist any other Bejeweled game variant for that matter, you have obviously never played it. 

The game is simple to learn, it has very dynamic gameplay, and you are simply compelled to try over and over whenever you hit a brick wall and get to the level you can’t finish. The worst thing about this is that I know that success is largely RNG based, and yet it still gets me.   

Pokémon Go

I will only say this – If Pokemon Go had the same battle system as the Nintendo games, I would be as fit as a fiddle, and my legs would probably be covered in blisters. This game was a world phenomenon, and that is why it deserves my praise, even though I don’t play it anymore. However, when it was released, I walked every day until my battery went to save energy mode.