Why I Fell in Love with Apex Legends

As you may already know, I enjoy playing video games. Sure, I also play board games and sometimes browse https://luckystreet.com/, but video games will always be my number one. Especially battle royale games. Battle royale games are at all high right now, and devs have pretty much cracked the formula on what these games need to be like, for players to love them. So, when titles like PUBG, Overwatch, Ring of Elysium and of course Fortnite are completely dominating the scene, it can be hard for a new title to compete, and expect the player base to simply migrate to their game, right? Well not exactly. 

Developer Respawn Entertainment decided to enter the skirmish with their multi-platform champion called Apex Legends. The game was received exceptionally well, and in just 3 days millions of players were already playing. It took only a week, and already everyone I know was talking about it and playing Apex. 

How did Respawn Entertainment manage to do that? Well, all I can do is tell you my reasons for loving the game, but I am sure that a lot of you feel the same way. 

Free To Play

This is probably the number one reason why so many players decided to give Apex a chance. As the initial impression was quite positive, the popularity starts to spread like wildfire, and the player base forms rather quickly.  

Something A Bit Different

All games reward players for the time they invest playing, their characters gain levels, new abilities, new gear, etc. Battle royale games are primarily focused around cosmetic rewards, as this type of incentive makes the in-game competition fair, towards new players. Basically, your characters strength is equal to your skill as a player, which in a way makes players less attached to their accounts.

Today we have a bunch of leveled up characters or perks bound to an account that is a product of our gameplay time. This creates in a way a greater sunk cost fallacy, making it harder for players to simply play something new, as they already invested a lot. As you don’t fall behind in battle royale games just because you decide to play different titles every now and then, the same player base can go back and forth with multiple games. 

Apex Legends Gameplay

This a game where it is fun to coordinate with a team of strangers, so there is no need to have a mode where you play on your own. A battle consists of 60 players divided into 20 teams of 3. Even though there is a limited pool of playable characters, each of them has a unique personality and abilities that help the team in their own way. 

Since you take your turns picking the class, there is no scenario where two same classes will be on the same team. Each player will be useful in his or her way, which makes for a great in-game dynamic. Movement, shooting, and communication all feel fluent, and in addition to precision and lightning reflexes, the game encourages you to master the so-called pinging. Pinging is the art of signaling to your teammates what is happening on your end, so even if you are taken out you can still be useful to your team.